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Track and Field

Track and Field


AGE CATEGORIES  - As of August 31st of the current school year.

                Senior             16 and over

                Junior             Under 16

                Midget             Under 15 – All grade 9 students MUST compete as a Midget or higher.

                Bantam           Under 14



An athlete may enter a maximum of 4 events as an individual. (That means the athlete is one of the League's top 3 individual entries). Any athlete could also compete in a maximum of 2 other events in order to compete as a Quadathlon athlete as well.



Each league may enter 3 athletes per event per age classification, with the exception of Quadathlon, where only 2 athletes per age / gender classification will be allowed.



Each school shall have a representative at the District selection meeting immediately following the Track and Field meet.



Participants in field events will receive 3 attempts.

The top 6 competitors in all categories  following the 3rd round shall receive an additional 3 attempts.



The NWHSAA District Track and Field meet shall be a 2 day meet.

Day 1 will consist of the Hurdles races as well as all of the 3000m races.

Day 2 will be all other events.



Races 400m and longer are timed sectioned finals.



The NWHSAA will NOT hold a Pole Vault competition at the District meet. Any individuals who compete in the event of Pole Vault will be dealt with on an individual basis.



The top 2 finishers in each event in the categories of Senior, Junior and Midget in each gender may advance to the SHSAA Provincials.

Athletes must be in Grade 9 or higher to advance to SHSAA Provincials.

In the event that the 1st or 2nd place finisher is unable to attend SHSAA Provincials, then the next best competitor will be selected.

An athlete from a younger age category may be selected to compete in an older age category if his/her participation standards are deemed adequate by the selection committee.



It is the responsibility of the athlete to manage conflicts between the Track and his/her Field event. Check in with both event coordinators and let them know you are in a conflict. The event coordinator will do everything they can within the rules of competition to assist you.

Athletes may be shuffled in the order of their Jumps or Throws. They may not however Jump or Throw two time or more in the same round.

Coaches, please help your athletes understand this. Please provide schedules and be proactive.


ATHLETES – DO NOT LEAVE the Track meet


It is the responsibility of the athletes and their coaches to ensure everyone has a copy of the schedule. It is also their responsibility to check the events and determine if events are moving ahead of schedule.



Relay teams should meet at the finish line as soon as they can following the completion of the last Track event. Athletes who are in a Field event at the same time are expected to manage the conflict by communication to all the event coordinators.



A maximum of 4 athletes per gender with no more than 2 athletes per category (Junior / Senior only) may advance to the SHSAA Provincial Championships.

Any athlete who has declared themselves as a Quadathlon athlete shall:

•             Compete as a Quadathlon participant

•             May also compete as an individual participant

The selection process for individuals to attend the SHSAA Provincial meet will be as follows.


•             At the conclusion of the NWHSAA Track and Field meet the athlete shall declare if they are proceeding to the SHSAA Provincial meet as a Quadathlon participant OR as an individual participant.

•             The accumulated points for each athlete will be calculated, with the top 2 remaining participants in a category (Junior /Senior) being selected for the Provincial competition.


Participant scoring for the Quadathlon will be selected from the following:

•             100m – Heat Time

•             800m – Event result   (Timed Final)

•             Shot Put – Best of first 3 throws

•             Long Jump – Best of first 3 jumps





Please note          

                                The following is a guide only!

                                     Heats will run as timed finals where possible.

                                     Based on the number of entries, the order of the races may be adjusted.