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Stinger Boys Complete The Jonas Samson Sweep

11/07/2017, 9:45am CST

On October 28th, Eagleview Comprehensive High School hosted the 2A Junior Boys Volleyball Districts. The championship brought together teams from Bishop Lloyd, College Park, E.S. Laird, Jonas Samson and Holy Rosary. After the 5 team round robin had settled, Jonas Samson was ranked 1st, Holy Rosary was ranked 2nd, Bishop Lloyd was ranked 3rd, E.S. Laird ranked 4th and College Park ranked 5th. 

In the semi final round, the all-Lloydminster battle was on between the Raiders and Lancers. The Lancers won the opening set 25-18 while the Raiders rebounded in set 2 to win 26-24. In the winner take all 3rd set, Bishop Lloyd rebounded with a convincing 15-8 third set win to take out Holy Rosary and send the Lancers into the final against Jonas Samson. The Stingers would win a convincing final in two straight sets over the Lancers. 

Congratulations to all the teams that participated and special thanks to the organizers and coaches for all the hours put into developing these young gentlemen into the volleyball players they have become.

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