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NWHSAA Provincial Cross Country Results

10/18/2021, 10:15am CDT
By NWHSAA Vice President

The SHSAA Cross Country Provincial Meet was held by Brian Grest and his committee from the Horizon Central Athletic Association. The competition was hosted in Humboldt on Saturday October 16th with the NWHSAA sending a contingent of runners from all corners of our district.

A speical congratulations to H. Hardcastle School from Edam which captured the 1A Team Competition overall. 

The results are listed below with the athlete name, school, provincial time and provincial placing in the table below:

Senior Boys-90 competitors

First Name Last Name School Prov Time Place
Ty Thiessen LCHS 18:21 9th
Reid Anderson Lashburn 19:30 17th
Matthew Powell PHS 20:21 27th
Kyle Niedermaier Pierceland 20:59 35th
Jacob Lyon LCHS 23:07 69th
Korlan Lysohirka PHS 22:32 59th
Cole Doud Maidstone 24:03:00 75th
Kylen Payne PHS 35:02:00 90th


Senior Girls-92 competitors

First Name Last Name School Prov Time Place
Carlie Mosimann Edam 18:00 14th
Lexi Thompson LCHS 20:20 40th
Kylie Vince PHS 19:12 25th
Aubrie Wilfing Carpenter 21:25 51st
Rachel Smith LCHS 21:51 56th
Bree Brassard LCHS 21:54 57th
Janae Lantz Ernie Studer 22:49 65th
Nadia Nedialkov PHS 23:30 71st
Romy Schafer Carpenter 24:36:00 80th
Julie Warner Ernie Studer 28:13:00 89th


Junior Boys-NW sent no competitors


Junior Girls-43 competitors

First Name Last Name School Prov Time Place
Julia Wood Glaslyn 21:54 25th
Sadie Robb Maidstone    
Alyssa Purdy LCHS 23:57 33rd


Intermediate Boys-98 competitors

Carter Cole Edam 11:22 8th
William McGonigle Rossignol 11:42 18th
Brady Carr Edam 11:38 17th
Cole Stoughton Lashburn 11:50 24th
Nate Poole Edam 12:21 40th
Logan Grice BLMS 12:06 33rd
Hudson Korn BLMS 12:37 51st
Drew Beaton Lashburn 12:39 53rd
Graydon Troesch Edam 12:52 66th
Lelan Gardiner Rossignol 13:53 84th


Intermediate Girls-86 competitors

First Name Last Name School Prov Time Place
Samantha Lothrop BLMS 14:08 36th
Aaliyah Belanger Rossignol 15:25 54th
Anastasia Lavrinenco LCHS 14:11 38th
Ashley Glass Glaslyn 15:17 51st
Brooke Tluchak Holy Rosary 16:31 69th
Alexa Kozinski PHS 16:37 71st
Cassia Hutton Rossignol 16:00 63rd
Emma Lavoie Rossignol 19:24 78th
Denika Gardiner Rossignol 20:27 80th
Brooklyn Gardiner Rossignol 22:32 85th


Team Standings

1A-Paradise Hill 6th
2A-Ile a la Crosse 8th
5A-Lloydminster Comprehensive 12th

Special thanks to Christine Thiessen from College Park School who represented the NWHSAA as the District Coach for the weekend. Photos seen below were copied and pasted from different school's Facebook pages. 

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